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Advance Care Planning

My services support planning for future medical care in the event that you are unable to make your medical decisions, clients explore, discuss, articulate, and document their preferences.

Home Funerals

Home funerals are referred to as a home vigil.  My services provide education and support prior to and during the funeral.


My services provide resources and assistance while processing the stages of grief to help families deal with the pain and loss of losing a loved one.

Celebrant Services

Help individuals and families design a ceremony that is based on the beliefs, values, and desires of the deceased and their family members that the doula conducts for the client.

Legacy Projects

This service will assist you and your loved ones with creating a legacy project that honors your life with this special memory.

Green Burial Education

The process involves educating my clients on what green burial options are available and assisting with determining which plan is a good death.

My Approach

"My services are offered with caring and compassion for you and your loved ones. Helping to make the transition with dignity and respect."

I find that when individuals are given the opportunity to discuss openly and honestly without judgment how they view death and its effect on their loved ones it creates a sacred space of compassion and understanding through dialogue. Trying to navigate through a system of endless paperwork, medical professionals, and finding resources before and after death can be overwhelming to the layperson. I offer guidance and support to plot a course from the beginning of the transition to
the end of life. I collaborate with clients of all ages and backgrounds, ethnicities, and religions. I specialize in working with underrepresented and marginalized groups.


I advocate and educate my clients so they can be their own advocates in medical and social environments such as hospitals, nursing homes, and hospices. Where a lack of knowledge regarding patients’ rights may result in a negative outcome affecting
their overall treatment and care.

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My Approach
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