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Welcome to Blue Phoenix

LaVonda Redmond

Death Doula
Death Doula

My goal as a Death Doula is to provide quality end of life
care in a holistic, spiritual, and culturally sensitive way.


Assisting with the creation of a good death that gives each
person support and compassion as their journey in life

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About the Blue Phoenix

As this mythical bird is a symbol of immortality and spiritual rebirth the Blue Phoenix helps one to replace their rigidities with flexibility and their old self with the new. In Chinese mythology, this bird symbolizes the union of two contrasting elements, masculine and feminine.

Similar to the symbol of Ying and Yang, the perfect balance. As a death doula, my journey is to help people blend the elements of life and death, showing the two's interconnection. 

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Blue Phoenix

Meet with LaVonda

What if you could approach the end of life from a place of courage, love and compassion? Call or email me to discuss your plans and goals, so that I may assist you and your loved one to create a legacy that honors their life 

Meeting and services are provided via zoom or

In person in Southern California

Tel: 424-448-7648

Areas of Expertise

End of Life Services
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Reiki Therapy

About LaVonda

As a death doula, my passion is to help people honor their life and craft a good death that allows their spiritual beliefs, rituals and wishes to be honored with dignity and respect. 

My death doula practice is supported by my ten years of experience working with Hospice, grief groups, being a patient advocate. These roles have allowed me to develop a deeper understanding of the death process and how I can use my skills to assist individuals and groups in navigating the progression through education, integrity, and self-discovery.

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